Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why to know about Dajjal's fitna and fitnas before him - Part 2

In previous post, I tried to throw some light on the importance of the issue. Here I am describing it further to show the importance of knowing about Dajjal and fitnas before him.

Hazrat Huzaifa(peace on him) said:

"People used to ask about the "Khair" (good deeds) and I used to ask about the "Shar" frightening whether it wont catch me" (Bukhari, Muslim)

Hazrat Umair Bin Hani(peace on him) said that I listened Abdullah Ibn-e-Umar(peace on him) saying that we were present in front of Holy Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) and he(peace be upon him) discussed the fitnas and in detail. Then he(peace be upon him) discussed the fitna of "Ahlas".
Someone(peace on him) asked that what is this fitna of Ahlas? and he(peace be upon him) replied that this fitna is of losing the family and wealth, etc. Then there will be the fitna of (Economically and wealth wise) Happy days. Its flame will emit from thatone's feet who believes himself to be my follower, while is not in fact (May Allah not make us from them. Ameen - writer). No doubt! my friends are poius people.
Then people will agree on an unqualified person (to lead, etc). Then there will be dark fitna. This fitna will be too severe that it will touch every person in the ummat.
Whenever it will be said that this fitna has ended, it will extend.
In these fitnas, man will be Believer at morning and become infidel at evening.
People will remain on the same situation until they will be classified/seperated into two different "Khaimas" (literally meaning tent and means group here - writer). One will be of Believers, which will not have any hypocrysy in it and other one will be of hypocrytes, which will not have any Faith in it. And when you people would classified this way, wait for Dajjal that he would come today or tomorrow.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dajjal - A Brief Introduction

Assalam o Alaikum,

Starting this bog with the name of Allah who has powers of all the universe in His hand.
The very first question which can arose in any mind before reading it should be that who is Dajjal and in case one knows about it, then why it's necessary to know about him. In fact it should be the question before reading anything and rightly so.

Introduction of Dajjal:

Dajjal is an evil figure which will arrive at the global stage before arrival of Prophet Isa (Jesus in english), peace on him and will claim to be the god. He is also known as "Anti-christ" in christianity (not confuse with "Armilus". I will discuss about it later).
He will have some super-natural powers conferred by Allah like giving life to the dead ones, curing the handicapped and blinds. turning the infertile soil into fields full of greenry, ability to shower rain, etc. Also he will have a so called heaven and hell with him and ask people to believe him as god, those who won't follow him will be thrown to his so called hell and those who will obey that false god will be sent to his apparent heaven by him.

Why is reading about him that important:

There were more than 1.2 million prophets(peace on them) in this world and everyone of them alerted his nation about the Dajjal and the reason for it is the danger with which Dajjal will affect the Imaan (faith) of people and make them his believers and consequently infidels within seconds. As Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) mentioned once that: "70,000 scholars of my nation wearing turbans will go and obey him(and become astrayed and go to hell)".

(It is such a serious issue that) There was a boy named Ibn-e-Se'yad who lived in outskirts of Madina city and had some symptoms similar to Dajjal. When Holy Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) heard about that boy, he(peace be upon him) used to secretly monitor his activity that whether Dajjal hasn't arrived. Once Abdullah Ibn-e-Abbas(peace on him) came out in the morning and told people that he could not sleep the whole night as I saw the Hailey comit on the sky and I got scared whether Dajjal hasnt arrived.

So you can have some idea how serious is this fitna which made Holy Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) and his companions(peace on them) worried and took away their sleeps and they were living in the era where there were no signs of Dajjal's arrival (like adultry and drinking will be common, etc) present around, then how come we should not take care about it as prior to Dajjal's arrival, world would be already partitioned into two groups of supporting Dajjal and those who are against Dajjal. We should know about this topic so we should already be in the group which will be aware of Dajjal's fitna and ready to face them.

In the next post, I will InshaAllah post signs of his arrival as per Holy Prophet Muhammad's(peace be upon him) saying and other authentic companions.